Washfold Farm

Cropping Facts

600 acres Winter wheat mostly taken as whole crop
900 acres of grass
300 acres of rough grazing
200 acres of heather moorland
plus woodland and ELS margins

Farm Facts

Washfold Holsteins

Washfold Monica 117 EX93 3rd calver doing well in the show ring for the Riverdane herd. Monica Metcalfe award winning cow Monica winning intermediate cow in milk class at UK Dairy expo 2014

Washfold Bolton Sharon 2 VG88 2 year old doing extremely well in the Wiltor herd. Sharon Metcalfe award winning cow Daughter of Bolton Sharon 2,Washfold Iota Sharon 3 VG85 2 year old

Breeding Bulls for sale. Embryo's for sale from all families.

Hero Missy Metcalfe award winning cow Washfold Hero Missy, great granddaughter of Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX95

Dairymaid Metcalfe award winning cow Washfold Dairymaid 31 EX92 reserve champion Great Yorkshire show 2003

Washfold Jean Metcalfe award winning cow Washfold Jean 140 VG87 2 yr old

Genus Bolton Cow Group Bolton group used by Genus for worldwide promotion